Social Participation

Commitment to Social Participation

We target external and internal entities to promote the social aspect of sustainable development. External targets encompass students, educational or philanthropic institutions, and government departments. Internally, our focus is on all employees.

We uphold labor rights, eradicate all forms of forced labor and employment discrimination, and adhere to human resources utilization policies to ensure equality and fairness in employment, working conditions, salaries, benefits, training, evaluations, and promotion opportunities.

We provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, fostering a conducive atmosphere for career development. We establish an effective career development training plan and channels for employee communication and dialogue, empowering employees to participate in the Company’s business management activities and decisions, granting them the right to obtain information and express opinions.

We actively engage in social welfare through in-kind donations, corporate volunteer services, or other philanthropic initiatives. We participate in relevant activities of social development, charity groups, and government agencies, viewing support for the disadvantaged and eradicating poverty and inequality as corporate social responsibilities.


Career Development and Benefits

Attracting Talent

Promoting the physical and mental fitness of our employees is a crucial driver of company growth. We offer flexible working hours and a leisure space with various facilities for employees to stretch and relax. Additionally, our office provides an abundance of snacks and an endless supply of coffee.

Our Company fosters a close-knit environment where there is no distinction between superiors and subordinates; instead, a sense of family, friendship, and home prevails. We strive to maintain a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere, complemented by benefits that surpass the requirement of the Labor Standards Act of Taiwan, thereby instilling a deep sense of honor and belonging among our employees.

Our benefit system includes the following actions:

  • Allocate a fixed proportion of revenue each month to the employee welfare fund
  • Award annual performance bonuses to motivate employees to achieve operational targets
  • Ensure a guaranteed annual salary and provide recommendation bonuses for exceptional talent
  • Offer generous bonuses for new and invention patents
  • Provide labor and health insurance and retirement benefits
  • Include high-limit group insurance and annual employee health examinations
  • Supply coffee, drinks, snacks, and fruits
  • Grant comprehensive employee training subsidies, along with intermittent education and training opportunities and well-defined promotion channels
  • Warm-hearted early leave system: If the five major holidays (New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Eve, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival) create consecutive days off, then colleagues may seek supervisor approval to leave early on the working day before the consecutive holiday. This is offered to facilitate colleagues returning home and avoiding traffic congestion. Additionally, there is also one birthday leave day each year!
  • The Employee Welfare Committee provides substantial benefit items:
  1. Provide congratulatory or condolence money for weddings, funerals, joyful events, childbirth, or sympathy gifts for illness or injury
  2. Intermittent department gatherings, festive events, and birthday celebrations
  3. Establishment of a stress-relief entertainment room (treadmill, massage chairs, pool table, Nintendo Switch)
  4. Annual domestic and international travel and self-improvement activities.

Employee Career Development

We believe that continuous growth and progress among our employees contribute to their personal development and inject new impetus and vitality into the Company’s overall development. For Career Development, job responsibilities and goals are set according to different stages, departments, and job categories. This serves as the basis for preparing the annual employee education and training budget, providing opportunities for employees to enhance their professional functions.

The phrase “Conveying Corporate Philosophy, Inheriting Cultural Aspirations” requires context in the organizational development process. The unique semiannual “TUTK Visionaries Symposium”, are held in an open, sharing, and inheritance-oriented manner. The Company’s core spirit and phased goals are communicated to supervisors and all employees. This conference also facilitates discussions and communication on horizontal issues among various departments, fostering centripetal force through dynamic camp activities. This ensures the formation of a seamlessly interoperable “iron triangle” consisting of the Company’s core goals, employees’ personal values, and team communication.

Continuous Learning

Diversified Learning and Knowledge Transfer

ThroughTek Co., Ltd., a prominent Internet of Things (IoT) software company based in Taiwan, has been dedicated to building a robust IoT ecosystem. This commitment was particularly evident during the early stages of IoT cloud platform technology development. Recognizing the importance of fostering education in this field, enterprises were urged to invest and share resources. The objective was to offer teachers and students valuable opportunities to engage in practical exercises related to IoT applications. In pursuit of this goal, we have organized various events such as symposiums, workshops, and training courses. These initiatives provide a platform for educators and students interested in IoT application development to engage in direct discussions and hands-on learning experiences.

  • Chairman Patrick Kuo was invited by the Yilan County government to share his entrepreneurial journey and insights on learning and career planning with young local students.
  • ThroughTek has also played a pivotal role as a co-organizer of the “Mobileheroes” tech challenge, an initiative by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. As part of this challenge, student teams from colleges and universities are given the opportunity to utilize the Kalay cloud platform for developing IoT applications. This approach aims to harness their creativity and enhance their capabilities in software service development.
  • We have launched an IoT Seed Teacher Training Camp for teachers in colleges and universities, providing those interested in teaching or opening Internet of Things (IoT) courses with a cloud platform for practical exercises. This initiative aims to spread Internet of Things-related applied knowledge so that it can take root and grow more widely in the education system.

We conduct one to two internal seminars regularly each month, allowing colleagues to customize their topics and share insights with colleagues across the Company. There were 15 events in 2022 and 14 events in 2023, covering diverse and lively themes such as workplace working methods, technology market trends, software design technology, new marketing knowledge, and ESG sustainable development. This allows colleagues to focus on their professional functions while gaining insights and knowledge from others through sharing and absorption.

Charitable Care

Devoting Attention to Rural Education

Contributing to rural education is a philanthropic undertaking within the Company’s ability. Located in the mountainous area of Datong Township, Yilan County’s Han Si Elementary School has weaker learning resources compared with schools in urban areas. The Welfare Committee plans to collect Christmas gifts and second-hand children’s books from colleagues to celebrate Christmas with children in Han Si Elementary. Additionally, second-hand laptops are to be donated to schoolteachers to assist in teaching.


Caring for the Poor, Elderly, and Vulnerable

Closing the wealth gap can commence with small efforts on everyone’s part. Through the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, we have initiated a fundraising campaign for colleagues and donated Dragon Boat Festival care gifts to elderly individuals living alone. In doing so, we hope that love can permeate every corner of society in places that may be overlooked.


Happy Workplace

Friendly and Healthy Workplace

  • Employee Health Promotion Program
    Ensuring employees’ physical and mental well-being is a boon to the Company, as healthy colleagues can work more efficiently. Therefore, in addition to establishing sports clubs, we periodically organize badminton and table tennis competitions. Furthermore, the Company allocates a large fixed annual budget for regular health checks, employee health guidance, and tracking employee health. Through professional medical consultations and on-site health services, colleagues can become aware of their own health metrics. Weight loss competitions are also conducted to encourage maintaining an ideal body quality.

  • Spiritual Growth Book Club
    Apart from good health, the accumulation of knowledge and spiritual growth are crucial aspects of life. Colleagues actively participate in reading clubs, gaining diverse knowledge through reading and sharing, thereby nourishing their spirits.

  • Leisure Travel Activities
    The Welfare Committee arranges employee travel, group activities, important holiday parties, and end-of-year dinners every year. Colleagues can travel with their families and dependents, fostering mutual trust and joyful connections while contributing to better teamwork.

Friendly Workplace and Gender Equality

  • The Company provides a supportive environment for pregnant and breastfeeding colleagues. Besides having a dedicated space for breastfeeding, we arrange for specialized personnel to provide health consultations, reducing inconvenience and environmental risks for pregnant and lactating female colleagues at work.
  • Concerning the prevention and treatment of workplace violence and sexual harassment, we implement strict disciplinary measures in addition to explicit publicization and complaint channels. We aim to ensure a secure, safe, and equal workplace environment for all colleagues.

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