Kalay Push Notification Service

Enabling app developers to send notifications to the devices with different operating systems with Kalay Push Notification Service


TUTK Kalay Push Notification Service

Simple, Flexible and Secure Push Notification Service

TUTK’s Kalay Push Notification Service (KPNS) enables third-party application developers to send notifications to mobile devices with different operating systems. KPNS has integrated several companies’ push notification services’ protocols, so third-party application developers can simply apply KPNS to send notifications to devices with APNs (Apple Push Notification service), FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), Baidu push notification, JPush, TPNS (Tencent Push Notification Service) or Official Wechat Account.


Simplify Integration Process

Simply integrate KPNS API to start sending notifications to Android and iOS devices.

Broad Compatibility

Compatible with numerous mainstream companies’ push notification services’ protocols, including APNs, FCM, Baidu push notification, JPush, TPNS, and Official Wechat Account.

Support Diverse Contents

Support various message formats, including text, snapshot, sound, and much more.

Feature Multi-languages

Kalay Push Notification System (KPNS) supports multiple languages.

Push Notification Ads

Through server to server push notification, users can receive the latest product news, special event notification, holiday season discount information, server maintenance pre-notice and many other important notices.

Safe and Secure

Equipping SSL Encryption, OAuth 2.0 and other security measures to protect your personal information from being hacked and stolen.


Video Doorbell

KPNS is perfect for doorbell Apps as it allows notifications such as sound or text to be sent directly to users’ mobile devices regardless of their operating systems.

Smart Home App

Smart home device manufacturers can leverage KPNS to swiftly implement and enable push notification function on their apps.

In-App Advertisement

Telecom companies and brand name vendors that want to provide updated news for their subscribers can be done readily via KPNS. Whether it is company news, product information, holiday season discount information, or server maintenance information, KPNS can do them all.

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