Smart Energy Solutions

By collecting data from various sensors, including electricity consumption, water consumption, temperature, humidity, and more, in different scenarios, our cloud platform offers energy control and management features. This platform can assist you in achieving your goal of intelligent energy conservation.

TUTK’s Data/Device Management Platform (DMP) integrates electrical equipment within the campus, such as air conditioning equipment and electricity meters. This integration enables managers to have a comprehensive understanding of electricity consumption on campus. The platform also provides functions such as schedule management, report export, anomaly warnings, electricity consumption analysis, electricity expense trend analysis, and more. These features contribute to achieving objectives such as extending the service life of electrical equipment in schools of all grades, reducing electricity costs, and improving operational performance.

Benefits accompanying problem resolution:

Monitoring and Management Anytime, Anywhere

Open the browser on any mobile device (including smartphones and tablet computers) to quickly monitor electricity consumption.

Visualizing Data Analysis to Enhance Management Efficiency

Webpage management/settings for anomaly warnings/data collection/report analysis/trend analysis

Remote Device Monitoring and Management

Receive the electricity consumption data of air conditioning equipment anytime, instantly monitor electrical load and optimize equipment utilization outcomes through scheduling.

Cloud Deployment and Data Backup

No data loss resulting from equipment anomalies (backup mechanism); receive and access the equipment’s real-time status via the cloud at any time.

Data / Device Management Platform

Data / Device Management Platform Structure

Future-ready All-rounded Smart Energy Saving Management Platform

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

 Monitoring and Management

Monitoring and Management

Energy Management

Energy Management

Lighting Management

Lighting Management

Device / Data Management Platform


TUTK’s DMP (Data / Device Management Platform) is designed to provide a better IoT device and data management user experience. DMP empowers you to check real-time electricity using status and track consumption trends and peaks for better power management. Through DMP, you are able to improve operating performance and save electricity expenses.

Cloud VMS Banner

Cloud VMS

With TUTK Cloud VMS (Cloud Video Management System), you can easily direct any IP Camera, wireless camera, NVR, or XVR, installed on campus, also associated data from access control and sensors to the cloud in one single platform.

The Cloud VMS enables you to remotely configure, monitor, smart search, video record, and maintenance via the cloud under an encrypted transmission channel and optimizes AI features from the edge or from the cloud to avoid false alarms and add business intelligence services.

TUTK Kalay Push Notification Service


For the monitoring of smart energy-saving environments, push notifications can be sent to managers for excessive energy consumption or other abnormal states, so as to achieve the goals of energy saving and disaster prevention with early warning.

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