Data / Device Management Platform

Automatically collect, process, and analyze IoT devices' data with TUTK's Data / Device Management Platform


Simple Setup

Start collecting all of your IoT devices’ data records with an easy setup.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor devices’ status in real time, so you can troubleshoot issues at the earliest stage.


We don’t charge server fees, API request fees, or data export fees.


Extensible and flexible data storage based on your needs.

One Platform

Manage all of your devices with effective computing resources in one platform.

Intelligent Data Analysis

Create graphs and charts with your customized variables.


TUTK Data Device Management Platform


TUTK Accident Analysis

Smart City

With the huge array of data generated by smart cities, we turn them into contextualized information and actions that can reduce energy consumption and operational costs while improving citizens’ quality of life.

TUTK AI Services

Manufacturing Sector

Collect, process, and analyze operational data to help you better understand your customers’ needs. This in turn improves your return on investment.

TUTK Secure with Ease

Fleet Management

TUTK Data / Device Management Platform (DMP) collects satellite positioning data and live feed from in-vehicle sensors, which in turn allows Cloud Video Management System (Cloud VMS) to provide real-time video monitoring and event recording services.

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