Smart Home Solutions

TUTK offers smart home solutions that give users the flexibility to create customized solutions by a wide range of TUTK’s IoT technologies and cloud-based platforms. From its P2P / IoT Connection to the easy-to-use Hausetopia App for managing smart home devices at ease.
For vendors, TUTK also provides a data and devices management platform to manage device status and analyze data. TUTK provides businesses with the latest and best in IoT technologies and platforms to create a smart home environment.

TUTK Accident Analysis

Hausetopia App

Hausetopia is a multi-function, multi-purpose application that delivers a secured and connected smart home environment for its end-users and allows them to be used interconnectedly under the same account. It is a perfect application for businesses that tend to provide smart home services.

TUTK P2P / IoT Connection

P2P / IoT Connection

TUTK’s P2P / IoT Connection technology is designed to offer a complete communication infrastructure that allows easy, fast, and secure connections directly between IoT devices and end-users, so end-users can remotely access or control IoT devices. The biggest benefit is the P to P communication, which eliminates the privacy and security issues of sending data through the cloud, and also greatly saves bandwidth costs. Therefore, the P2P / IoT Connection technology is especially suitable for businesses to apply to IoT devices and further enrich smart home applications.


VSaaS PaaS

VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) PaaS refers to cloud video recording services. The service includes cloud video recording and cloud storage, and it enables businesses to offer smart home video surveillance solutions to enhance home security.

TUTK Kalay Push Notification Service


TUTK’s KPNS (Kalay Push Notification Service) enables third-party application developers to send notifications to mobile devices with different operating systems, and it is especially suitable to apply in the applications of smart home devices. The KPNS can offer necessary notifications for specific events and enhance the application services.

Device / Data Management Platform


TUTK’s DMP (Data / Device Management Platform) was designed to provide a better IoT device and data management user experience. Therefore, DMP is suitable for smart home service providers to monitor the devices installed in end-users’ houses.

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