DMP IoT Devices

As IoT projects go from concepts to reality, one of the biggest challenges is managing IoT devices and the data generated by them. ThroughTek’s DMP (Data/Device Management Platform) collects, organizes and analyzes data, and can also manage IoT devices, store unlimited data, provide user-defined data analysis, and more. DMP solution is developed to help businesses in any industry make IoT devices and data management effortless.

IoT represents a complex system of connectivity, device, data, and ThroughTek’s DMP is designed to streamline and simplify the management of IoT devices and data through an integrated platform. DMP offers the following versatile advantages:

  • Device Management: Various IoT devices, such as IP cameras, industrial equipment, home appliances, and all kinds of sensors can be connected to DMP via ThroughTek’s technology and organized by project, category, or deployed region for better management. Through DMP, users can control and check the real-time operating status of the Kalay IoT protocol-embedded devices. Once users detect abnormalities, they can effectively prevent or address the problems caused by abnormal conditions.
  • Data Security: Data security is more important than ever before because data might become a target of cyber-attack that may lead to the shutdown of business systems. Therefore, the data collected from various sources has to be transmitted under encryption and two-way authentication to ensure the security of the data.
  • Unlimited Storage: DMP offers unlimited cloud data storage and provides users the ability to back up valuable data to prevent data loss.
  • User-Defined Data Analysis: Users can define their own criteria for data analysis, including frequency, scheduling, calculation formulas, etc., and check the real-time performance of the IoT devices via visualized graphs and charts. This enables users to rapidly gain useful insights and make informed decisions to achieve better product performance.
  • Platform Expansion: Businesses in different industries have different needs. DMP solution can connect with other intelligent platforms powered by ThroughTek, such as Cloud VMS (Video Management System) and VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) to meet the needs of vision-related applications.

ThroughTek’s DMP empowers businesses to effortlessly manage IoT devices and data collected from various sources, and it can be applied to manage fleets, energy, etc. To learn more about how DMP can benefit your businesses, please visit our website or contact us.

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