Hausetopia Certification

Cloud Platform Solution for Building Device Ecosystems

Hausetopia Certification

Designed specifically for smart home IoT devices to deliver a more convenient and smart living solution

Seamlessly integrate various devices with Kalay Platform’s core technology and cloud services. Using the Hausetopia App with the Hausetopia certification, remotely control devices and enable devices with different communication portals and operating systems to interoperate with one another.

  • Become certified in four easy steps with Hausetopia and connect with devices using the Hausetopia App.
  • Reduced time and labor costs to develop an App.
  • Enable users to remotely manage devices using the Hausetopia App.

Hausetopia Certification Process

Any IoT device used in smart homes can be certified by Hausetopia

Business types suitable for Hausetopia certification

    White label manufacturers

    Hardware manufacturers

    System integrators and solution providers

    Telecommunications operators

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