TAIPEI, TAIWAN, October 28, 2021 — In the past year, Taiwan has been affected by the global pandemic, and working remotely has greatly increased the amount of time people are staying at home. The leading communication service provider Homeplus Digital Broadband realized this demand and launched “Home+ Smart Home” product series in 2021. Based on a speedy optical fiber network, “Home+ Smart Home” works together with various smart home products to create a new digital lifestyle for users that is safe-centric, convenient, and entertaining. Homeplus Digital Broadband is working together with leading IoT solutions provider ThroughTek to launch a broadband smart camera solution to protect homes and small commercial spaces, in addition to utilizing ThroughTek technologies to provide a solution for the different needs of broadband operators and end-users.

A multitude of smart home products have been launched in recent years, and broadband operators have also regarded Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the home as an important market for expansion. For example, the TV set-top box is now not only a home router, it is a hub for various smart home devices, connecting surveillance cameras, video doorbells, home appliances, motion sensors in a smart home. Smart home devices bring convenience and entertainment, however being connected also leads to concerns on data security protection. In the center of the solution is software and cloud encryption technology, but it also requires cooperation with product manufacturers to provide suitable hardware security designs.

As a solution provider of cloud services, ThroughTek is responsible for information security and aims to provide consumers with safe and reliable network transmission connections. In 2020, ThroughTek launched Kalay platform 2.0, adopting a decentralized architecture with a comprehensive network security mechanism and at the same time, connecting videos devices with other networking devices. Over 80% of devices on the Kalay platform solution are video surveillance products and the transmission data packet involves personal privacy information, which are protected through the latest versions of HTTPS (AES128), HLS, and RTMP encrypted transmission protocols during the data transmission from devices to cloud or cloud to cloud phase, and storage phase.

The Smart Camera solution of “Home+ Smart Home” series by Homeplus Digital Broadband uses Kalay Platform 2.0’s latest SDK version, providing state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions for homes and small commercial spaces. Comprehensive information security protection included through powerful protection mechanisms such as AES256, UDID (Public UDID and Private UDID), Authkey, Pre-share Key, TLS, and SecretID+OAuth2.0. The smart camera features include real-time video viewing, motion sensing, event recording, 24-hour recording, two-way voice, account management, and remote over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.

ThroughTek will also be developing user, TV, and technical management apps for Homeplus Digital Broadband. Additionally, ThroughTek will provide “IoT Smart Management Platform” to Homeplus Digital Broadband headquarter to oversee and manage the equipment status of their twelve branches in Taiwan and improve operation and management efficiency through device, group, user management functions on the Platform.

ThroughTek’s Kalay Platform 2.0 technology aims to connect every device to the internet without limitation of application usage and provide customers with different solutions according to their needs. This collaboration with Homeplus Digital Broadband further demonstrates ThroughTek’s outstanding technologies, and they look forward to providing superb IoT service solutions to more customers in different fields.

TUTK Device Data Management Platform

Homeplus Digital Broadband launches smart camera solution with ThroughTek’s Kalay Cloud Platform at the helm

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