Cross-Industry Applications

The past few years have been a critical point in time for the IoT industry. The IoT ecosystem became an incredibly diverse and complex environment. Manufacturers for IoT service providers and brand makers were unable to deliver turnkey solutions to meet consumers’ needs for intuitive cross-product functionality, hindering the market to achieve true interoperability between devices.

In response to the new market demand for data transmission services, ThroughTek, an IoT platform solutions provider based in Taiwan, recently upgraded its core product, the Kalay Platform. The release of the Kalay Platform features a more secure and efficient way of delivering both wide and narrowband data transmission services for a wide range of sensors and security devices. The platform enables the implementation of comprehensive solutions for smart devices and the expansion of IoT applications across various industries.

Enhanced data security with End-to-End Encryption

IoT security challenges have been questioned by the public for many years. Most recently, California passed a bill to impose regulations on the security of IoT devices sold in the state. The law stipulates that by the year 2020, any manufacturer must provide reasonable security measures for networked devices. ThroughTek’s narrowband solution is smartly designed with data security in mind. Instead of using the traditional approach of uploading data to a cloud server or host where data is most vulnerable and at risk, the Kalay Platform adopts a decentralized architecture and uses end-to-end encryption technology to ensure data stored and transmitted is protected. The new solution effectively improves data security, while allowing users to easily manage sensor devices by creating custom scenarios to automate tasks, make commands, and collect data.

Technology delivering cross-platform connectivity

IoT applications have gradually progressed from a single device to comprehensive system-wide solutions. Enterprises and service providers need to address challenges such as being able to quickly integrate and deploy various connected devices with the flexibility to scale in the future. In the past, the implementation of smart factories requires complete functional planning in advance. System expansion comes at a high-price with the involvement of system integrators or manufacturers to build and install the equipment, resulting in a significant increase in construction time and labor costs. ThroughTek’s new transmission solution enables rapid deployment of various IoT devices across industries and brands. It is suitable for remote large-scale settings used for shopping malls, buildings, offices, agriculture, or farms. It also supports IFTTT (short for IF This Then That), which allows operators to easily expand and manage systems to carry out complex tasks to deliver more flexibility and increase productivity for large-scale outdoor IoT applications.

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